47% of state government income came from the federal government

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69% of the state government's expenses fund Health, Education and Transport

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96,636 contracts and grants were awarded to 17,385 recipients

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Areas with <100,000 people receive 4.2 times more grant funding per person

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This website and its visualisations were produced by Truii as part of an Advance Queensland funded Testing Within Government (TWiG) project commissioned by the Department of Science Information Technology and Innovation.

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Each visualisation was created using data that is freely available via Queensland Government websites. However, due to some challenging data formats, manual handling of the data was required. While all due care was taken by Truii to ensure data integrity, it is possible that errors may have been introduced. Truii and its employees accept no responsibility for the completeness, accuracy or reliability of data. Read the Queensland Government's legal disclaimer.

To check any of the data, please refer to the original source:

Whole-of-government and departmental finances - www.qld.gov.au

Grants - data.qld.gov.au

Contracts - qcd.hpw.qld.gov.au